Amazing Nutritional and Health Benefits of Apples

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Apples

It is rightfully said that a doctor is kept away by eating an apple every day. This proverb was introduced by J T Stinson, a fruit specialist in a world fair lecture in 1904. A large number of health benefits of apples have proven by research. First of all, chewing an apple helps to increase saliva production in the mouth which thereby kills bacteria and reduces the rate of tooth decay.

It helps to reduce the risk of lung cancer, colon cancer and also prostate cancer. Ursolic acid is contained within apple seeds which helps to increase brown fat and improves skeletal muscle. On the other hand it also decreases white fat, intolerance of glucose, cures obesity problems and diseases of fatty liver.

Peels of apple are an excellent source of various phytochemicals, the nutrition benefits of which are yet to be discovered. The known phytochemicals present in apple are epicatechin, quercetin, and procyanidin B2.

The department of agriculture in the United States has stated that a normal apple weighs 242 grams and it can provide 126 calories along with a significant amount of vitamin C and beneficial dietary fibers. The fiber binds with the intestinal fat which in turn reduces cholesterol level in the body.
In experiments conducted on mice, it has been proven that apple juice helps in increasing the production of neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Experiments have also been conducted on fruit flies which shows that flies feeding on apple has 10% longer life than flies living on normal food.
Recent studies show that apple juice reduces the risk of Alzheimers and decreases brain aging. It also provides a protection against Parkinsons disease. Besides there are also various other benefits like preventing cataracts, keeping a healthy heart etc. in short, it can be said that people who maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits, especially apple, successfully leads a healthy life.